His Other Girls

For the sake of argument, the definition of porn I am using for this article is something along the lines of photographs or videos of real people, nude or otherwise, used specifically for the purpose of sexual gratification. I am not talking about drawings, or written fiction. I don't have a problem with those. You're... Continue Reading →


Whistle Kettles and Coffee Glasses

The kettle is whistling like a cockerel about to explode. Fuks eagerly awaits someone to make the first move with the koeczku, or the pilecka. Alicja gets up and throws the cushion she was resting on her lap behind her, walks off into the kitchen and the whistling quickly stops. She comes back with a... Continue Reading →


You're in a sauna, but imagine instead of rocks having water splashed upon them, that they are other human bodies zipped up in multiple layers of jackets and coats. The sauna is a bus and you're on a journey to a neighbouring village. There's really no sauna at all but it feels like one. You're... Continue Reading →

Caravan Stories: They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Your grandparents have taken pity on you: Instead of another round of green beans, carrots and peas steamed into a tasteless, colourful sludge with cancerous, cheap, chemically-grilled frozen chicken, they've given you ten pounds to go down to the on-site campsite shop and get a curry. Yes, aren't you lucky, a microwaveable ready-meal curry. Keep... Continue Reading →


I’m always scared of the worst case scenario and really, in any scenario, the worst case scenario is surely dying. Making a fool of ourselves or dying, or both. We’re all scared of dying, some of us are totally petrified of death. Ironically, to the point where the fear of dying becomes the main focus... Continue Reading →

Friends, Enemies and Crushes

I don't have many close friends at all, but I find that the fewer friends you have, the closer you are to them. Closeness in relationships is important for me. I don't see the point in being shallow with one another, but perhaps it kills the beauty of closeness when you get too close for... Continue Reading →

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